When the friend that taught me to knit socks was showing me what else she was doing, I was intrigued. I wanted to learn to knit shawls too! The first one I made for myself was full of errors, but it was a great learning experience. The next ones came out perfect, but not without a bit of Frogging (ripe it, ripe it, ripe it). I've learned lots along the way - like doing a knit on edge and adding beads. I love a challenge!

This is a circle shawl that measures 44" across. And is knit with Wool.

It is also modeled by my Mother!

This shawl is made out of Baby Alpaca and is very soft.

It is modeled by my 94  (young) yr old mother!

This is the Heart Shawl. It is knit with a wool/Viscose. It measures 70 across X 33 long.

It is also modeled by my Mother!

Mom passed away July 13th, 2018 and what you could not see in these pictures what a beautiful, warm hearted person she was. She is missed by all!

Haruni Shawl.JPG
Mom's fingerless gloves.jpg
Revontuli shawl.JPG
Holden Shawlette.JPG
Blue Baby Hat_Socks.JPG
Baby Uggs.JPG
Edmonia Shawl.JPG

Haruni Shawl - Two lace weight threads knit as one. One thread is Merino and the other is baby alpaca.

Edmonia Shawl - Knit with Knit Picks Hawthorne, Silverton. OK, there is one mistake in this one, and I dare you to try and find it!

Holden Shawlette - Knit with the same fibers as Haruni Shawl

My interpretation of the Revontuli Shawl knit with merino wool

Honeysuckle Fingerless Gloves knit with the same yarn as the Edmonia Shawl

Baby Sock & Hat set - knit with leftover sock yarn. Gifted most of the sets

Baby Ughs